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Home-made Ice Teas


From Friday 17th March you can enjoy high quality HOME-MADE ICE TEAS in Quies Tea!
(Served in 0,4l thermoglass, except yerba mate)

What is in our offer?

  • Jasmine green tea 2,90
  • Vietnam green tea 2,90
  • Assam indian black tea 2,90
  • Morrocan mint 2,90
  • Fruit tea (strawberry, cherry or mix) 2,90


Matcha Tea is 100% pure unfermented green tea, ground into very fine powder. It contains no preservatives, colour additives  nor any other artificial ingredients. When you drink matcha, you ingest the whole green tea leaf.

  • Ice Matcha Tea BIO 3,50
  • Ice Matcha Latte (matcha tea with milk and caramel)  3,50
  • Ice Matcha&Apricot Shake BIO 3,90


Natural energy drink N.1 which helps you to be energized and focused, works even better than coffe and taste delicious!

  • Yerba Mate – classic green Mate, traditional south American beverage 3,50
  • Yerba Mate Pampero – roasted green Mate with cocoa notes, served with milk and caramel 3,50
  • Yerba Mate Carnival – flavoured Mate Pampero with cocoa beans, rooibos, sunflower, cactus, cornflowers, and almonds €3,50