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Matcha Ice Cream in QUies Tea Amsterdam

Matcha Ice cream in Quies Tea Amsterdam!

Well, what can you expect from us differently then doing an MATCHA ICE CREAM? 🙂

What’s in?

On Saturday we made a little demo, served the Matcha Ice cream to our customers who were in tearoom and listening what we should do better. It seemed that there was nothing to change about the Ice cream, as you loved that how it was. So there it is! Ice Cream taste delicicous, you can find only high quality Matcha tea HARMONY in it (not some lower grade used for cooking), NO SUGAR (sweetened with honey) and we decided to mix it everytime with different kind of fruit, so there will always be something to be excited for. Our banana version? Oh my god!

And that suprise we promised? As there are hot days approching, we decied to make matcha Ice cream part of the HIGH TEA and BRUNCHEST MENU! We will serve it instead of Salep, which is more better for the cold winter days.

High Tea and Brunch with Matcha Ice cream

Vouchers for HIGH TEA and BRUNCHEST MENU with MATCHA ice cream can be found on our webshop with a little discount! <3

You don’t know what is matcha, why it is so healthy and why everobody loves it? Have a look on the article we wrote about the matcha couple weeks ago – What is Matcha, Anyway? (Eng) or find all the informations, FAQs and studies (NL) about the matcha on our webshop.

Other tea ice creams?

Apart from Matcha ice cream we are experimenting with Chai Ice Cream and Assam Ice cream. The struggle is real and not every fruit can be combined with our teas. We will let you know very soon with the results 🙂

Are you a Matcha lover? In our tearoom you only find High quality matcha tea (look for the certificates on our eshop) in BIO quality. We also serve Matcha latte (with soya milk also), Matchappuccino, Matcha Iced Tea or enjoy the favourite Matcha shake with Apricot. If you would like to try something more, we also offer matcha pudding, matcha oatmeal (vegan) with chia seeds and apples, matcha choco and all the kinds of matcha cosmetics.