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Matcha ice cream Amsterdam

What to do in our Tea room during summer?

Tea room in summer ? Yes, that is right. I can imagine that during those hot days you can’t think about nothing else except cold beer. But you can’t drink it the whole day. I mean… you can…. but.. you know what I mean. So, let’s have a look what we have prepared for this summer.

Home-made Ice teas and Ice Yerba Mate

There is really nothing better for refreshment than our Home-made ice teas. They are not sweetened (unless you want to have it sweet) and they are made from our high quality teas or from Yerba Mate. Want to know more? Click here!


Home-made Ice teas in Quies Tea

BIO Ice Matcha

You know.. we love matcha – so much. We prepare excelent Bio Ice matcha tea, Ice matcha latte (also with soy milk), and super delicious BIO Matcha shake with apricot. Want to know more? Click here!

Matcha tea

Organic Matcha tea serving in Quies Tea Amsterdam

Tea Ice cream?

Yes, that is right. We are propably the only one who is doing Ice cream from tea (we call it Tea’s Cream)! It is homemade, sweetened with honey (no sugar!) and there is nothing chemical in it. We make Matcha green tea Ice cream, Chai Tea ice cream and Rooibos Ice cream. Btw, you can also have it with our honey nuggets! We are still experimenting with other flavours, but I must say that Earl Grey was not such a good idea. Yuck!

Matcha ice cream

Home-made Tea Ice cream in Quies Tea Amsterdam

Summer High Tea

High Tea is still the most favourite „to do“ in our Tea room. So we made the summer version….HIGH TEA WITH OUR ICE CREAM?! And you can buy  vouchers for this High Tea – for a special price now 😛

High Tea in Amsterdam

High Tea in Quies Tea Amsterdam

Things that are good not just in the summer

Our honey cakes, for sure. Something that you don’t know here in Netherlands, but is very popular in the slavic countries. So funny how you all fell in love with the first bite! Good to try something different than apple pie, right? Oh I almost forgot. It was about the time to have something for our veggie friends, so we are preparing BIO vegan oatmeal with matcha green tea, chia seeds and apples.

Medovnik Honey cakes in Quies Tea

Honey cakes in Quies Tea Amsterdam

Honey nuggets in Quies Tea Amsterdam

Honey nuggets in Quies Tea Amsterdam








Tea shop

Not just for Christmas, but anytime when you will need some gift for your loved ones. Lot of people likes to give a „QUALITEA“. It is such a nice gift to choose some nice tea and knowing you only give something good and super healthy. Or buy the tea for yourself and prepare at home. It is great idea to just put a few tea leaves in the water and you can have ice tea to drink at home for the whole day. It is better than water and very refreshing (and everyday you can have a different one!).

We also highly recommend the Tea cosmetics. Hanmade, all the natural ingredients, not tested on animals and even in vegan quality (matcha lipbalm). It is about the time to stop destroying our own skin with chemicals which can be found in almost every cosmetics from the bigger brands, which are made outside of EU.

100% natural handmade Tea Soaps

Events in Quies Tea

Join us for Tea tasting/Tea worshop with High Tea with dutch tea sommelier Therese Pol! Link for event here, Tickets here! After, you will know why to drink the tea and with what problems it can help you. You will know that you should not buy chemicaly  flavoured and coloured tea bags of lowest quality. You will spend a nice afternoon and meet new people interested in healthy lifestyle.

Thee proeverij Quies Tea

Thee proeverij Quies Tea

I feel like a need to write it somewhere, so we also prepare Ice coffee… See you soon in Quies Tea!