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Homemade Tea ice cream in Quies Tea

Veggie and not-veggie ICE CREAM Tasting

Have you ever tried an ICE CREAM made from Tea? No? Then join us for our home-made (no sugar!) veggie and not veggie TEA’S CREAMS!

Perfect and only option to try them all!

Date of an event: Friday 7.7.2017 16:00 – 19:00
Price: a symbolic €5 per person
((by buying a ticket, you will let us know how many of you will come and how much ice cream we should prepare). 🙂 Buy ticket here!

Come anytime between 16-19:00. We will be here serving a fantastic ice cream made from Matcha tea, Chai tea, Rooibos, Yerba Mate and more. Nothing you could taste somewhere else!

Find the event on facebook – invite your friends and follow us for more info, special offers and other events!

The tasting include 1 portion of each ice cream (6 different ice creams). During the tasting, you can order anything from our menu – ice matcha latte, organic loose leaf ice teas and many mooore. At the end, you can vote for your favourite Ice cream so we know which one should we will make the most 😛

Bring your friends and spend a great time together with tasting something very good made with love from all the quality ingredients – no chemicals! 🙂 Are you coming?