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Our TeaRoom

Quies Tea Tearoom & Tea shop

Newly renovated premises of Quies Tea Tearoom offers peaceful and cozy environment which consist of mainly handmade decorations made from natural materials. Combination of decent music, visage and wood creates relaxed home-like atmosphere. It is a place where anyone can enjoy a cup of lovely high-quality tea either alone or with their family and friends while having something which is really benefitial to the mind and body.

Quies Tea also gives you the possibility of buying the tea either prepared as β€œto-go” or you can buy a bag full of desired tea so you can prepare it at home.

You can find our tearoom in Westerpark, near to Jordaan area in Amsterdam.

Did you know?

The name Quies comes from latin – (calm, peace, quiet), and thatβ€˜s what itβ€˜s all about.

People, who visit us should feel comfortable and easy. No rush, no problems, just relax.

Quies Tea Tearoom is bigger than you thought